Prana - Sébastien Guérive

The Prana video addresses the question of obscure clarity and the essential role of light in the development of life.
It also questions the place of the individual and his singularity, as well as his place within the collective.
For the sequence of faces, we called on several generations of artists.
We used special projectors to sculpt the faces and create a sense of mystery.
Then comes the moment when the singularities meet in an intergalactic setting from which light emerges, attracting the bodies as if by magnetism.
A choreography is created between the bodies and the luminous movements.
Once the link has been established, the bodies connect to form a unity, animated by the energy of light.
The finale is a celebration of the life of a world just born, thanks to the arrival of light.


Directed by:

Video directed by Thomas Blanchard & Sébastien Guérive
Music: Sébastien Guérive