Ladybug and the wolf - Under my chair

In their last music video « Under my chair », Ladybug and the Wolf find themselves in a chase into a forest by animation effects.
Through that visual production directed by Thomas Blanchard, the image of the band is more than ever highlighted.
Thomas mixed layering and Stop Motion in order to accentuate the sensibility and the fantasy of the duet.

« Ladybug and the wolf » is one of the current music scene revelations in Rhone Alpes. Their last record « To raise a miniature garden » gave them the opportunity to be discovered by professionals nation-wide.
An extensive music work and a real freshness emerge from their image.
Through their sincerity and the perfect harmony of their voices, many people see in the band the potential successors of Folk music made in France.

Exclusive release :


Directed by:

Anne-Laure Etienne & Thomas Blanchard

Music by:

Ladybug and the wolf | « Under my chair »