« Emerald » is an experimental video that following a process that we have developed using paints, oil and soap.
You will appreciate the small balls rolling under your eyes.

All were filmed in 4K with a lens 100mm Macro from CANON. No FX, just shooting with inks & paintings.


Directed by:

Oilhack & Thomas Blanchard

Co produced by:

Ekitaimacro | Thomas Blanchard
Greenlight Films | Paul Mignot and Léa Morel

Music by:

Velvet Coffee | Leonardo Villiger and Christophe Dugne Esquevin

Thanks to

Thank you to all those people who lent me their eyes:
Emilie Grange, Catherine Igonenc-Buczek, Jean-Yves Igonenc, Mathieu Chavagnat, Elisabeth Serrano, Laëtitia Riusciti, Stephan Blanchard